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Architects and designers

Holy Adele

She has a degree in architectural engineering and interior design
Creates from scratch, emphasizes maximum functionality. A good design is the fruit of a precise and well-designed design, which succeeds in combining the lifestyle with the residential experience.

Leah Salter

Leads a design architectural line for various sectors. The vast knowledge and experience of the last 20 years is at the disposal of its clients from Israel, Europe, the USA, South Africa and Australia, in the management and design of public buildings, mosques, company offices and organizations.

Leahy emits

Has been engaged in interior design and architecture for over 15 years and is active in two fields: private apartments and houses, work spaces in offices, companies, organizations and communities. I believe in personal connection to people, to understand dreams, needs and desires.

from the days of Tirosh

Mimi Tirosh interior design and planning. A design concept that strives for classic and temporary design and combines aesthetics and practicality.
Attention to detail, professionalism and accuracy.
Accompanying from the planning phase to the end of the execution.

Orna Elgad

I am an interior designer who graduated from Shankar in 2017 and I am also a social worker with a master's degree in non-profit management. I plan and design apartments, private houses as well as businesses mainly in the Jerusalem Gush Etzion area but not only.

Keren Siman Tov

The designers are unrestrained, creative people, think outside the box and try to bring their imagination to each client.
Meet Keren Siman Tov, 42, a married Jerusalemite with three children, who you would really like to design your property.

Osherat Yitzhakov

Through the architectural planning in detail, the formation of a design style that includes colors and textures combined with art pieces, textiles and a special atmosphere, your place, the home, is created.

Lilac Ofek

Lilach Ofek is an interior designer. She believes that by listening to the client and in the right connection, harmony can be achieved at home. My vision is a gentle, tailored and accessible design.

Michal Schrader

Architect, interior designer and specialist in accessibility, over 15 years. I combine architecture and design to achieve the best results. Engaged in planning and design work for the private and public sector.

His hearing

Licensed architect graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Has many years of planning experience in a wide variety of projects. The office under his management offers a high-quality and professional architectural service to the public, entrepreneurial and private sectors.

Amuna Koch

A young and up-to-date boutique studio for planning projects in the private and public sector. We believe in architecture on a human scale and therefore integrate the interior design into the architectural plan starting from the first sketch.