Parquet-like flooring

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The design style that restores nature and brings the outside into the interior, led the tile designers to look for a solution that would present the combination between the warm and natural look of wooden parquet and the practicality and comfort of tile. Thus, using advanced technological techniques, they developed the parquet-like porcelain tiles or by their more common name – parquet-like flooring. Parquet-like flooring is based on tiles that look exactly like wooden beams that provide all the benefits of a natural look, but "behave" like porcelain – a very easy-to-maintain material that is particularly resistant to water and the elements.

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"We arrived at Laptio with quite a few concerns, since it was a relatively new place. After an examination by an architect and designer with whom we worked, we received confirmation that this is a very high quality product at an affordable price. We started with the flooring of the house and the walls of the kitchen. We were favorably impressed by the quality, courtesy and service of the Lepatio employees, so we decided to order ceramics for the toilet and bathroom walls through them. Apart from the ceramics, which are of excellent quality, the team took responsibility and worked hard the whole way, which significantly reduced the stress that accompanies any renovation. I hope not to renovate again in the coming years, but if I do, I have no doubt who I will turn to."

Eran Aharon Cohen

A very pleasant shopping experience, the showroom is beautiful and contains all the items needed for renovation and home design, The sales representative answers all questions very kindly, highly recommend!


"Last year we did a major renovation of our house in Efrat and we chose to buy all the ceramic and sanitary equipment from the ceramic patio showroom in Kfar Etzion. Ariel and the hall staff were kind and nice from the very beginning. Throughout the booking process they were attentive to our needs, They recommended recommendations, gave good tips, showed professionalism and were at our disposal for any question and request, even in phone calls. The goods arrived on time, in an orderly manner, well wrapped and we enjoy it every day, now that the renovation is finished. And regarding the price, the price is fair and appropriate compared to the competitors. We strongly recommend making your purchase from the Ceramic Patio showroom in Kfar Etzion"


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